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Southerners march in the 2011 Homecoming Parade in Jacksonville.

A Message from the London New Year’s Day Parade:

Want to watch the Southerners perform at The New Year’s Day Parade in London on your local TV station in the USA? Well you can help make it happen! We are making available live coverage of all the action to your local news network affiliates free of charge. They are permitted to show it as it happens – or pre record it for later transmission.

We at the parade are telling them that it is available – but experience has shown that it really helps if their viewers tell them that they want to watch it. It would be well worthwhile contacting your local stations and tell them just that – and maybe get your friends and colleagues to do the same

The technical data is outlined below – and will be posted in the media section of our website  – Just get the TV station (not the viewers) to email  to register their interest and we will publicise their transmission too. The transmission is commercial free – and broadcast with American stations in mind. Rough timings of each individual performance will be made available.

Satellite Details: (For TV Stations)

SATELLITE: Galaxy 17, 91’ W, 9 Mhz (k)

Date: 1 Jan 2012
Time:  06.00-10.15 EST
Broadcast begins at 06.45 EST
No Commercial Breaks

Technical Satellite Receive Information:
SAT TXP & CH: GALAXY 17/K13 Slot B 9Mhz
Orb Loc: 91′ W
U/L: 14,255,5000Mhz Vertical;
U/L Polarity: Y
D/L: 11,955.5000 Mhz Horizontal;
D/L Polarity: X
S/R:    6.1113
FEC:    3/4
MPEG:    420
Allocated Bandwidth: 9 Mhz
Video Standard   525 NTSC
Aspect Ratio: SD 16:9
Modulation:  DVBS-QPSK
Audio 2 pairs 4 channel
No encryption

If you would like to feature the Southerners in London, please contact

Angie Finley, PR Specialist
Jacksonville State University Office of Public Relations
Jacksonville, Alabama 36265
phone 256-782-5468 cell 256-499-7886

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